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Alhaj Faiz Mohammad Qasemi, President of Yiwu Mikang Trading Co., Ltd. is an Afghan living in China. Mikang Trading is an international trade development company. Our official activities in China began in 2005. Officials registered in Urumqi and Yiwu, China office. Our goal is to reduce business risk, facilitate money transfers, and meet client needs. In this way, by employing experienced personnel and gaining more and more experience in business matters, we are able to provide a safe, cheap and transparent environment for our clients' business.

We have been focusing on the field of international logistics and customs clearance for many years. We are committed to planning a full range of logistics solutions, providing professional logistics services, and assisting our customers to achieve optimized logistics supply chain management. The company has super strength in overseas customs clearance and ground operation capabilities. The company has a stable foreign operation team, responsible for overseas customs clearance, customs transit, trailer, warehousing, delivery and other operations, and provides a full set of overseas tax and legal support. It is one of the few domestic trade and logistics companies with overseas first-hand customs clearance and ground operation capabilities.

* As the client's representative, we aim to reduce financial and time costs, reduce business risks, and give merchants peace of mind.

Transport routes are a means by which wealth flows and develops, making it easy and possible to move agricultural and industrial products from where they are produced to where they are consumed, as well as import and export across countries. The correct choice of property transfer agency will quickly meet the needs of the people in society. Add products and merchandise. Yiwu Mikang Trading Co., Ltd. does its best to provide convenience for merchants.

Alhaj Faiz Mohammad Qasemi, president of Yiwu Mikang Trading Co., Ltd., participated in the development of China's international trade on behalf of Afghan businessmen living in China.


Alhaj Faiz Mohammad Qasemi accepted a donation of RMB 50,000 from the Afghan Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine for the earthquake-stricken areas in Wenchuan, Sichuan, Red Cross Society of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, May 21, 2008