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Activities of Yiwu Mikang Trading Co., Ltd.

Shipping of commercial cargo from China to Central Asian countries, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, UAE, Turkey, Afghanistan in FCL (full container load), less than container load (LCL), land, air and sea to different weights , low or high, and overweight containers with over a decade of experience are the specialty of our company that can secure your trade transactions with a trustworthy manufacturing and trading company in the target country. Introduces you and stays with you until the end of your commitment.

According to the global trade approach to the vast country of China, the company's main activities are classified with a focus on the Chinese market, and our company provides a wide range of transportation services in Yiwu, Urumqi, and Guangzhou, China. The company has an experienced workforce who possess the knowledge and experience required to perform tasks such as reliable and complete preparation of relevant documents, proper packaging of goods and customs matters. For the wellbeing of businessmen who cannot be in China, they can easily entrust us with all their business services in the vast country of China.

Consulting in the field of import of goods:

Dear businessmen can contact the company's consultants in the field of imported goods to enjoy the company's free consulting services on importing goods from China.

- Introduction of reliable production plants.

- Preparation of price lists for items required by respected traders.

- Stabilize the quality of commercial real estate and production plants, and stabilize the procurement cycle of commercial real estate until it reaches the ideal destination of a respected businessman.

-The company is always committed to creating a convenient trading environment for respected businessmen.