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About air transport services

As one of the world's leading air freight agents, we are committed to providing safety, fast aviation transportation and air freight services at reasonable prices, and have flexible delivery speed and service choices, thinking that you provide a worry -free experience Essence

We ensure that with the help of our partners who operate all the destinations around the world, ensure the safety and safety of goods and go to the world on time.

The service tailor -made according to your needs

Global Direct Cargo
  • Air Transportation Brokerage between Consignant and Carrier
  • Short transportation time in the transportation chain
  • Fly directly to multiple destinations every day
merged cargo
  • Global cargo transport at reasonable price
  • The choice of quality and service operators
Express goods
  • Global Personal Express Cargo
  • Back -up parts logistics
  • Aircraft spare parts logistics (airplane on the ground)
  • distribution of medicines
  • car courier service in several destinations
Special Service
  • Global maritime goods are economic and efficient alternatives for pure air transportation
  • Aircraft Charter
  • Air transport heavy lifts and oversized cargo

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