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Sea transportation is a transportation method that uses cargo ships and different types of containers by traders or freight agents.

Because it is cost -effective, most customers prefer to use this transportation method, and when they have to move a large number of products or products.

There are few restrictions on sea transport. Shipping is also used to transport several key products for a country (such as oil, defense equipment and aircraft).

Like other transportation methods, sea transportation also involves suppliers (consignor or manufacturers), buyers (or consignee), foreign car, freight agency, freight agency, broker, port administration and insurance provider.

Customized service for your needs!

Marine is one of the most effective means of commodity transportation, and the world trade and economy depends on this.

With the advancement of technology and better transportation technology, it becomes easier to use sea transportation.

You need to choose the best solution for the selection of goods, and in terms of marine goods, please do not look at it, because Mi Kang can help you in each level of operation: picking up, packaging and delivery.

Contact our shipping experts to help you make the right transportation decision.

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