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The Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan hosted a New Year reception and a meeting to celebrate the founding of the Association of Overseas Chinese in Afghanistan

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【Summary description】

On January 25, the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan hosted a New Year reception to celebrate the Chinese New Year and the inaugural meeting of the Association of Overseas Chinese in Afghanistan. More than 80 people, including representatives of the Association of Overseas Chinese in Afghanistan, Chinese enterprises, Xinhua News Agency and the China Media Group in Afghanistan, overseas Chinese in Afghanistan and diplomats from the Chinese Embassy, gathered together to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Ambassador Zhao Xing attended the reception and delivered a warm speech.
Ambassador Zhao first extended sincere New Year greetings and best wishes to overseas Chinese in Afghanistan, representatives of Chinese enterprises and central media.

Ambassador Zhao reviewed the extraordinary journey China has made in the past year, and pointed out that 2023 is the first year of fully implementing the spirit of the 20th CPC Congress, the year of pioneering and harvest for China's diplomacy, and the year of taking China-Arab relations to a new level. We have written a new chapter of win-win cooperation between China and the rest of the world, demonstrating China's growing international influence, innovation leadership and moral appeal in the new era.

Ambassador Zhao fully acknowledged the important contribution made by overseas Chinese in Afghanistan and Chinese enterprises in Afghanistan to the development of China-Afghanistan relations and extended warm congratulations on the establishment of the Association of Overseas Chinese in Afghanistan. It is hoped that the association will become a model of patriotism, a bond for overseas Chinese, a platform for overseas Chinese and an envoy for China-Arab friendship. It will tell good Chinese stories and make positive contributions to promoting the friendship between the Chinese and Arab peoples and enhancing the communication between the two peoples.

Ambassador Zhao stressed that the security situation in Afghanistan is complex and serious, and the CPC Central Committee is always concerned about the safety of all. We hope that our compatriots in Afghanistan will firmly establish a sense of safety and precaution, abide by local laws and regulations, and operate lawfully. Respect local religious habits and cultural customs, and live and start a business in Afghanistan safely. The Embassy will continue to uphold the principle of "diplomacy for the people" and safeguard the well-being and prosperity of our compatriots in Afghanistan.

Meng Xiaoli, president of the Overseas Chinese Association of Afghanistan, and Li Bentao, Deputy general manager of MCC Jiangcopper Aynak Mining, delivered speeches in succession, expressing pride and pride for the prosperity and strength of the motherland, and thanking the motherland and the embassy for their long-term care and love. In the coming year, we will continue to work hard and make contributions to the development of China-Arab relations in our respective fields.

Heaven and earth wind and frost, Qiankun weather and. The reception was always filled with a festive atmosphere, and the overseas Chinese in Afghanistan and the diplomats of the embassy presented well-prepared programs respectively. All of you said that although you are in a "dangerous place" and "dangerous situation", you have a strong motherland behind you and a warm embassy around you. You will definitely integrate yourself, family and career into the great cause of promoting national rejuvenation with Chinese-style modernization and into the great cause of opening up a new situation of China-Arab friendly relations in the new era.

After the reception, a "Spring Festival bag" distribution ceremony was held. Ambassador Zhao Xing distributed the "Spring Festival Package" containing the care and love of the Party and the government to the representatives of the Albanian overseas Chinese, wishing them a peaceful and peaceful Lunar New Year.