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1. Market research
Yiwu has the world's largest small commodity wholesale market -Yiwu International Trade City, consisting of 5 buildings, has 18 "bird's nests" national stadium size. It will operate more than 2 million small products here. According to the customer's product needs, the procurement will quickly lock the target. Through the agent's team, to understand the supplier's factory size, raw material supply, the number of workers, where the product is sold, whether it has cooperated with well -known brands, and the most important thing, the most important thing is the most important thing. Product quality itself.
2. Business negotiation and price negotiation
Agent purchasing always stands on the same front as the buyers to protect their interests. Before placing an order, the agency procurement will help negotiate the price and win a competitive price for the buyer's products.
3. Quality Inspection
A good agent purchase is enough to solve the trouble of customer purchase. They are fully committed to ensuring quality and customer satisfaction by collecting accurate information about the factory related orders. Whether it is before production, in production, or after production, they will use their strong quality inspection system to ensure the quality of the purchased products meet the requirements of customers or customers.
4. Payment method
If customers are engaged in the international trade industry, many businesses on the e -commerce platform do not support international direct mail, and they cannot even use non -Chinese bank accounts for payment. However, having a proxy purchase can easily solve these problems. Customers only need to send them the link they want to buy. After determining the color, size, and quantity of details, they will pack all the separate products on the product in Sending it together, it is convenient and fast and save time. 5. Import and export tariffs, taxation
Agent purchasing can also deal with customers all import and export tariffs, tariffs and taxes, thereby speeding up the transportation speed and reducing costs of the goods.